Meet the BBZ Team

We are domain experts in the niche fields we cater to and our collective knowledge and experience working with a western thought process in an Indian environment and a rich transactional network borne out of introducing renowned European institutions, technologies and processes into India over the past TEN YEARS will make it easier for our clients to hit the ground running.

Our aim is simple - help you enter the market at low cost, incubate your India business in a short time and then leave behind a strong, sustainable business for you to run independently. All our service offerings are built around this essential philosophy.

In keeping with our belief that boundaries exist to be broken, we also remain open to innovative Indian organizations with a strong technology or know-how base in our spheres of interest, who would like to use our experience and networks in Europe to cross-pollinate.

There is another well quoted cliché about India - India is a long term country where results will not happen overnight, but over time, no one fails!!! Well, at BeyonBorderz, we just like to work around clichés!!!


Managing Director (India) - University Twente

A dynamic woman entrepreneur in the space of Education. A Cost Accountant by training, after a brief career start in an MNC she quickly realised her passion was in education and for the past 15 years has been involved in establishing a successful business model to take European Higher Education to Indian students. Having started Nuffic’s Netherlands Education Support office in India, she is currently the Managing Director (India) for University Twente, one of the world's top Technical universities based in The Netherlands. Sudha herself has studied Dutch History and Culture at the famous University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and is a much sought after speaker at Education Events and Fairs all across India, as an authority on European, specifically Dutch, Higher Education.


UT India Office - Office Manager (Marketing & Communication)

Experienced Marketing and Communications professional with over 9+ years of experience in service industry, Saranya has worked with organizations like British Airways and British Council in the past. As a Media and Communications graduate, she always had the flare for learning new things and exploring her horizon. Having met many students and learning about their experience of studying abroad has always fascinated her and now being associated with UT – India Office for more than 2 years, she enjoys interacting with students. She is cheerful and extremely versatile.


Beyon Borderz - International Recruitment and Admission Officer

Abhinay Reddy represents the Team Beyon Borderz. Hailing from the service industry with six plus years of experience and having sound leadership qualities he is versatile in managing about eight Dutch universities under his team. He actively engages in identifying the prospective students answering their queries and guiding them throughout the admission process. His diligence and hardworking nature makes him a valuable member of our team.


Radboud University - Indian Representative

Keerthana is the Indian Representative for Radboud University. She guides aspiring students in choosing suitable programmes and assists them with the admission procedure. She's determined and diligent in her work and has been appreciated for her interpersonal skills. Outside work, she is into art and loves to paint and draw. She looks at the world with an artistic view and believes herself to be a free spirit.